Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve

This 2500ha reserve is located between the towns of Ohrigstad and Pilgrims rest, on the R533.  Situated on the edge of the Greater Drakensberg Escarpment, the Ohrigstad Dam Nature Reserve offers beautiful mountain scenery that surround the Ohrigstad dam (which also offers outstanding fishing opportunities) and makes for a tranquil, almost magical getaway.

Things to do in Graskop

Pilgrim’s Rest

Pilgrim’s Rest, protected as a provincial heritage site, is a village lost in time. It was the second of the Transvaal gold fields, attracting a rush of prospectors in 1873 and then becoming a tourist destination in the 1970’s.  The uniqueness of this historic village is evident in its museums and historic sites, offering visitors a fascinating window into the past.  Imbued with a diversity of natural, cultural and historic gems, Pilgrim’s Rest captures the spirit of a bygone era and its people in their quest for gold.